Sunday, September 23, 2007

off to africa

i'm leaving for africa tomorrow morning. i still can't get used to it! i'm so excited to meet ugandans and get to know more about their culture/food/music/lives/stories. i think it's going to feel surreal there at first...

on sunday i land in entebbe (where the international airport is) and meet up with diana dokos (from the glen boyd foundation, they're sponsoring this trip for me to join them on their learning tour). on monday, we're heading up to pader in northern uganda where mercy corps has their ugandan headquarters. we'll visit the idp camps up there, see the programs that mercy corps has underway. i'll get to see first hand where the money from this concert series will go to. i recently heard that northern ugandans are really excited about our concert series this fall and know all about it. i love that!!

when we get back from pader, we'll head south to kalisizo to stay for a few days. thomas lwebuga, a local ugandan who now lives in portland, grew up in that area. his wife, kendra, will be visiting at the same time and has invited us to take part in a program she has put together for a school called st. andrews.

when/if i do have internet access, i'll post more blogs about the trip!

if someone would've asked me one year ago if right now i'd be producing a humanitarian concert series and heading to africa, i would've thought they were crazy. (!)


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